Thursday, April 3, 2014


Copy-Paste from a friend :
Q : Do you love her that much?
A : No… I try not to be…

Q : Do you remember how long you’ve been together?
A : I didn’t count it, I just know that we’ve been through 5 times new year eve

Q : What if she leave you someday?
A : That’s funny, actually it always crosses my mind… But my answer is, that’s okay… She can leave me anytime

Q : And what would you do?
A : Nothing… I’ll be fine… I promise to myself that I would be fine… I appreciate every single moment I spent with her, and I will always thank to God for that

Q : Why you seem so easy going?
A : Actually I try my best to be that one… What else I could do? I love her… I do… But if that happen, I will let her go... I want her to be happy, whether with me or not…

Q : Do you know that the one who loves more will hurt the most?
A : Yeah, I knew it… But for now, waiting her is something worth for me

That word was really slap me.... Once upon a time, I have a man that really lovely and charming. He was too kind for me so I think he will never ever be with me. So I just left him and met another kind and gentle man who ask me to married him. After many years, I met that man again. He still didn't married yet, we drink a cup of coffee , telling our story and experience after we split... And the only word that he ever ask me seriously is: "do you happy?"... I just look at him and say "yes"... but he saw my eyes deeply and repeat :"do you really happy with your life now?"... I don't understand what his thinking about me. He was the one who let me leave and never ask me to comeback. I saw him with a wondering eye while he continued his word.... "Is your husband love you? Is he nice to you and your children? Is he working hard and be responsible of your life? and... do you love him that much? does he loves you that much too?"

Now I understand why he never ask me to stay.... He wants me to be happy with any choice that I made. "of course" I answer him and give him a happiness smile so he didn't have to worried about me. He looks so happy ... "That was so good... I hope so... I pray for your happiness..." he hold my hand for a while and said good bye to me.... he is so sweet... I never met any guy like him anymore.

Thinking about my life and wondering.. If I had to live with him, what kind a life would that be... I left him because I think he didn't want me. It was a long time ago. He never found me anyway after that. So I feel disappointment and surrender it to God. 

I think this life that I have now is the life that God give to me... Thank God for all that you give to me. Thanks to all who have gone through ...

"I love You, adore You, I bow down before you. Heavenly Father I appreciate You".

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