Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I really need to see you again ....
once more....
I want it all coming back to me....
from the first time we met
I need how you make my worries disappear....
I need your magic world when I'm feeling confuse
I need your hug, need your arms
 need your shoulder to cry on...

From the beginning
 the reason that I can going through is you
Without you I lost
and frozen,

come to me or I'm getting sinking
deep.... deep to the crazy world.....

I've been spent all of my life with sadness and pain
No one can I talk with.... no one can I share with
Should I died like this?? so everybody will not knowing about me
Should I spent my life with tear and thorn?

I'm freezing here....
Don't know what to do anymore.....  let me saw him again once more....
someone who know me better than my self
please.... let him found me... so he will tell me what I have to do
cheer me up, share my worries like a long time ago
once more..... please make it happened to me again once more

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