Sunday, August 17, 2014


Well..... it's so funny when I saw this picture. This is my oldest daughter hobby that made her bit famous..tee..hee....

She's not only made it for hobby, she did it seriously so she can going to many event an....with that. I proud also to see her friendship that always together as a very best friend. Not only as a group of cosplayer, but they are maintain their friendship become stronger. From the senior high school until now... they are going to different university to reach their own dream... but they still solid as  group as and still being best friend.

Oh dear, I told them, this is never happening with me. When I'm getting busy with my own life.... I lost all of my best friends... No one beside me in my difficult time. No support from mom and dad.... no one can give me something that I can proud with. I always beside you my dear.... whatever you do... I will give you everything that you need as long as I can....

Congratulation for being a young lady.... welcome to the real life.... It so hard... but I sill here to support you.... you don't have to be afraid.... I will always beside you... I stand by you

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