Monday, October 27, 2014


 Well,... This October will be over soon.... Nothing last forever... This morning I was thinking how can people left their past.. and if we have another chance to live, do we change our choice? 

People will never stay as they are... They always changing by the situation. How it stressed them, how it build them, and how is the way that make them growing up. Thinking about it makes me feel how luckly I was. I have only sisters. We are the children of God... I mean we are really living in God's will. We have many fathers and many mothers and no one of them take care of us. Ironic...We used to live day by day without any doubt about tomorrow... What do we take for eat?... what do we have to wear ?  how can we going to school!!.....

 How amazing it was! We're growing up without father and not even our mom's effort. But she made us brave to made a decision, to fight and to survival. And we were still living until now, finish our school, and we're fine. That was so funny when I'm thinking about my children, about their lunch or breakfast in school, while I don't remember did I have enough food for live when living alone at their age. I know that I will give them everything that I never have.  But when I thought it again, I'm stuck in myself right now. 

Became so strong because of  that pain, disappointment, sadness, fear and every injustice that I had before. But besides that, many miracles came in my life. I can't count my blessing one by one. God taking care of me unconditionally. That's why I live till now. I can't left my past. I don't want to change anything in the past. I met many people, many tears, many laughs, many lives, many dies... life is just a dream, and all will pass anyway. Never sunk in sadness. All certainly beautiful in its time. 

Celine Dion said in her song:

" People run,,, sun to sun
caught in their lives ever flowing..
Once begun
lifes goes till it's gone
We have to go where its going.."

Remember... we will never be alone.
... Never give up and never stop trying!..

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